Facebook Killing Off Messenger On Windows And Firefox March 3

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger launched on Firefox and Windows in 2012, and the social network will shut down both versions on March 3.

If you go to log in to Messenger on either platform, here’s what you’ll read:

“We’re sorry, but we can no longer support Facebook Messenger for [Firefox/Windows], and it will stop working on March 3, 2014. We really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends, and we want to make sure you know that you can keep chatting and view all your messages on https://www.facebook.com. Learn more.”

Clicking the “Learn more” link takes you to Facebook’s Help Center where it simply talks about using Messages.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the shut down with The Next Web, and any mention of Windows or Firefox has been removed from the official “Get Messenger” website.

While the move could very well be due to putting resources towards more important projects, Facebook Messenger for Windows and Firefox users aren’t subject to a News Feed of ads.

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