Sperm Bank Under Fire After Lady Gives Birth To Boy With Dwarfism


A court has mandated the halting of an international sperm bank’s site in Russia after a lady gave birth to a kid with dwarfism.

The unidentified woman – a successful author in her 40s – had selected the father of her child by viewing photos and data and about his genetics on the website. Accordant to reports, she was attracted by his higher education and fair hair, but too by the aspect he was over six foot. After deciding on the donor, she then undertook a successful series of IVF treatment at an unregistered clinic in Moscow.

via The Atlantic

In the later stages of pregnancy, a Moscow court unearthed that the unborn boy bared achondroplasia. It is an incurable and rare disease that affects one kid in 20,000 and induces dwarfism. The condition was verified after birth and she was informed her son, two years old now, would mature to a maximum adult height of roughly four feet, and that his facial features and limbs would not evolve ‘correctly’.

Koptevsky District Court now has ordered that the site of Danish sperm bank Cryos ought of be blocked in Russia, and ordered that utilizing its services would jeer Russian laws. Health governor Roszdravnadzor has also stated it was not pleased with case details. The regulator said: “However, it is not possible to confirm the reliability of the information received.”

The sperm bank told reporters that all the semen it supplied was of top notch quality, but furthered that it was ‘not responsible for the mistakes of the clinics’ which perform the IVF treatment. The sperm bank noted: “We only know that our biomaterial is of high quality.”


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