Wil Wheaton Says Pirate My Show, But Help My Ratings

Former Star Trek TNG actor Wil Wheaton has a new show on Syfy, and he’s not overly concerned if you pirate it.

The Wil Wheaton Project debuted on the channel formerly known as SciFi 27 May and features the self described nerd in a Tosh.O style clip show, but with a guest interview thrown in for good measure at roughly the half way point of each episode.

The show debuted to mix reviews, with the AV Club stating that it’s a “unique geek comedy in a far too familiar format” and The Hollywood Reporter stating that of the show that “Wheaton’s excitement and depth of knowledge regarding the material he’s collating and presenting makes his show unique, even if its format is largely cribbed.”

Wheaton is keen on promoting the show though, and has taken to Google Plus to state that he’s mostly ok with you pirating it, be it with one proviso.

“I really want everyone in the world to see my show, because I’m super proud of it and I think a lot of you will enjoy it. If you have to use alternative means to see it, I’m not going to try to stop you” Wesley Crusher Wheaton said.


“If you can watch it in some way that the network can score (on broadcast or via one of the legally-supported websites), please do that, because the more people who watch it in a way the network can count, the more likely it is they will order a full season of the show.”

Wheaton has parlayed the internet strongly in recent years, complete with popular blog and even regular Reddit appearances.

The show appears on Syfy Tuesdays 10/9c.



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