Why Did Dinosaurs Die? Because Creationism, Google Search Says


Google, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Recently, the ubiquitous search engine seems to be very confused and divided with its opinions on paleontological science — in particular, how exactly did the dinosaurs vanish.

It all starts with a the question “what happened to the dinosaurs?” Pretty innocent question right? and then, Google brings up this as a highlighted pullout result:

what-happened-to-dinosaurs-search-800x411And if you try removing the “the” from the query? you pretty much get the same creationism-based answer.

… Okay. Tell us one of our most beloved childhood facts of life growing up was all one big ugly lie, why don’t you.

The answer was sourced from the website answersingenesis.org, which aims to debunk scientific theories with scripture. (oh, and by the way, the word “theory” in Science doesn’t mean “guess” or “hunch”; it means “a broad, natural explanation for a wide range of phenomena. Theories are concise, coherent, systematic, predictive, and broadly applicable, often integrating and generalizing many hypotheses.” Long story short, it’s a proven method and explanation of how the facts work. So yeah.)


However, Google plays an entirely different tune altogether at the simple rephrase of the question. If you key in “why did the dinosaurs die” or “what killed the dinosaurs”, this is what you get:

why-did-the-dinosaurs-die-800x419So yeah, Google, quit playing games with our hearts. (and Science. And our education.) What’ll it be? Will you ever make up your mind on which side of the dino-demise fence to sit on, or will we forever be in the throes of knowledge indecision?

(Because seriously, Bing.com treats all the answers on equal footing, rendering, and font size, and I kinda guessed you wouldn’t want scientists flocking to the competition, now would you? Nope, didn’t think so.)

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