Where Social Meets Real World – 5 Ways to Generate Social Engagement

Social engagement is often used as a yardstick to judge your blog, with visible counts on social media icons and boasts of city-sized email subscriber lists being used to boost credibility.
As a result, generating social engagement has become an important, but time-consuming task for every blogger.

Being active on social channels is essential, but there are tools and apps you can use to make it easier to convince site visitors to spread the word.

Hello Bar


Popups and interstitial ads annoy website users. Showing a popup asking an annoyed visitor to share your post is unlikely to yield a positive result.

Hello Bar gives any website owner a visible way to reach visitors which does not annoy them.

Configuring your bar is as simple as clicking on it in the Hello Bar dashboard. You can change colors, fonts, and your message in just a few seconds, and use the built-in A/B testing tool to work out the best combination. As you can see in the screenshot above, the ‘H’ of the Hello Bar branding is visible in the free software, but it is not obtrusive.

Hello Bar has a premium version, but even the free one is very powerful. You can choose the social engagement you ask of your visitor: Possibilities include Facebook Like, Tweet or Follow on

Twitter, and Pin or Follow on Pinterest.

Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS


We need to make website users share our content and to follow us on our social media accounts. The Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS WordPress plugin is one of the best ways to achieve this.

The name is a monstrosity, but the plugin is very easy to set up and use.

The interface is a series of drop-down questions as shown above. The settings and variations are endless, with millions of possible combinations, so your site looks different, catches the eye and encourages interaction.


If you want different social media icons from the norm, think about this plugin before you lash out the cash. The Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS plugin includes options to animate your images and to add share counts as well as which ones you display, where you display them and what you want a click to do.



The free TWchat app makes conversations on Twitter simple.

Sign up free to use TWchat, schedule a chat with your site users, publicize it and sign in on the day. Your tweets appear in the right-hand column (and in the left hand one) and other participants’ tweets appear in the left-hand column.

The beauty of TWchat is that you can very easily see all tweets with the hashtag you chose, so the conversation is simpler to follow than it normally would be on Twitter.


Ways Social Media Can Help You With You Homework


Viral Content Buzz


If you have few social followers, you can use Viral Content Buzz to reach thousands. The site lets you post your content for others to share. And people actually do share your content. Be sure to only post your best content because there are quality filters and you will need users to share your future blog posts.

You assign points to each promotion. You can use ViralContent Buzz free if you earn points by sharing others’ content, or you can pay a monthly subscription which gives you lots of points.

Only active and genuine social accounts can be linked to Viral Content Buzz, so your posts will be shared alongside other valuable ideas by social media users who have many followers. Your posts will only be shared by people who have followers who are interested in your niche because members can choose the categories they are interested in.

Twitter Moments


Moments are a new Twitter option which is designed to make stories that are easy to follow. A Twitter Moment is a series of connected tweets. Your followers see the Moment, rather than just the final one of three related tweets. This link shows how to set up a Twitter Moment.


Twitter is giving Moments great prominence on its page, as you can see in the screenshot above.

The screenshot above shows part of a Moment dedicated to the 2016 AMAs.

Moments have massive potential to generate social engagement because you can embed them in your website and tell a story related to your business. They are a great tool for newsjacking, and you can either compose new tweets with your own images or video clips, use pre-existing popular tweets, or use a combination of your own and others’ tweets.

Over to You

Whether your business is online, or in the real world, you need to engage with people on your social media channels, because that’s what customers have come to expect. But engaging with people is not enough – you need to always measure your social ROI through a social media analytics dashboard. Make the most out of your social media marketing and engagement.

The five applications here are all free and will help you to increase your impact on social media, which will help your reputation with potential customers and eventually lead to more sales.

Adi Englander

Adi is a Social Media expert with a thing for startups and innovation. She has a knack for leveraging various social media platforms and tools to help businesses reach out and engage with their customers. You can follow here on Twitter and at here blog AdiEnglander.com


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