WhatsApp Suffers Second Major Outage Since Facebook Acquisition

Whatsapp Down

Maybe 64 billion messages in a day is just a little too much to handle. Just hours after bragging about their record breaking day, Whatsapp is suffering another major outage, its second since Facebook acquired the messaging app for $19 billion.

Reports of the outage began at around 8:34am EDT today, but reports are still coming in at press time. Not all users seem to be affected, as some are reporting that the messaging app is “back up” for them, even as other users report that they still can’t access the app.

Judging solely by the comments on downdetector, it seems like Europe and parts of the Middle East are the most affected, although users in the American city of Chicago are also having connection problems, it is unclear if all of America is affected or just pockets of it.

While the messenger’s Twitter page and official blog have remained silent on the issue, some users are reporting seeing error messages from the messaging app, while others are stuck on a hanging “Connecting” screen.


As mentioned, this marks the second time that Whatsapp has gone down since it was purchased by Facebook. While that is more than likely just a coincidence, Facebook needs to work to make sure its $19 billion toy is stable.

We will update this page as news comes out.

Oh, and if you are about to post about Whatsapp being down on Twitter, stop with the “Whatsdown” jokes, they are tired and obvious.

[Photo Credit: Desiree Catani]



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