WhatsApp Hits New Messaging Records

Whatsapp usage numbers

How many messages would WhatsApp have to handle in a day before you thought Facebook purchase of WhatsApp was worth it? How about a billion? Five billion? Ten Billion? How about more than three times the number of photos posted to Instagram in its entire existence?

Whatsapp has announced that in one day, they handled over 20 billion sent messages and over 44 billion received messages. For all you math wizards out there, that brings the total amount of messages handled by the service in excess of 64 billion messages.

Since its inception three years ago, Instagram users have “only” posted a little over 20 billion photos to that service.

Of course, comparing those two statistics are a little misleading. Instagram posts are photos that could be anywhere from a few KBs to a few MBs while Whatsapp messages mostly involve text (although it can handle voice, images and video as well).

So what does this all mean? Well it means that despite it seeming patently ridiculous that Facebook spent $19 billion on a messaging app, perhaps they had good reason to. 64 billion messages in a day show how popular the app remains, despite all the claims from users of abandoning the app after its purchase by Facebook.

Does 64 billion messages in a single day impress you?

[Photo Credit: Alvy]

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