What Will Trump, or Any Other Former President, Do After Leaving Office?

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Now that the election results are almost final, we all want to ask what’s going to happen to Donald Trump after leaving the office? All US Presidents inevitably reach the point where they leave the White House.  Besides, the constitution states that all US Presidents are subject to a two-term limit. What do former presidents do after heading the government for four or eight years?

Trump is still refusing to concede

One of the most trending stories right now is the fact that President Trump has outrightly refused to concede the elections in favor of Biden. There are ongoing reports that the incumbent president is very much focused on challenging the results of the election. He has used voter fraud, illegal voters, and more to file lawsuits to turnover election results. There is no case to this, however, and Trump may refuse to give his concession speech for the incoming president-elect. In fact, he still has a couple more months to enact and maximize his powers to some extent.

More Twitter rants after Trump leaves office

We all know that President Trump has been a powerful man even before he took oath as US President in 2016. Trump is a business tycoon, a billionaire, and a very popular celebrity. There are surely so many business matters he must attend to for his many businesses and properties. Surely, he will have plenty of work to keep him busy after the government transition.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When the time comes that he steps down from the presidency, it is sure that we are going to still see him in the limelight. He will still surely be a consistent presence on social media. In fact, we may all see more political agenda in his Twitter rants (more so at the earlier days of post-presidency). One more thing Trump could do after leaving office is that he could run again. He could run for other positions during the midterm elections. Or with his undying love for campaigning and rallying, he could even run for the next presidential elections.

Trump’s Benefits after Leaving Office

A US federal law, the Former Presidents Act, protects the interests of all former presidents after they leave for office. The same act provides several lifetime benefits that former presidents can enjoy after they step down. Among these would be a pension that begins immediately after the transition. This is on top of seven month’s worth of expenses provided by the White House for any transition works. This includes compensation for staff, equipment for moving, communications, postage, and more. With their continuous presence in public, former presidents are given secret service protection for the rest of their lives. They are also given medical insurance and an annual budget for an office and private staff.

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