What This Wasp Does To This Bee is The Stuff of Pure Nightmare Fuel

No one likes wasps. They are like bees who literally hate us and WANT to hurt us. As if our collective fear of wasps was not at an all-time high (that is a 99% joke that 99% of you won’t get, which makes it an 198% joke), this video shows you, up close and personal, a wasp’s penchant for causing pain, misery and death to a sickening degree.

In this case, we see the always evil wasp tear a living bee in half. This is gnarly as hell, and not in the cool “surfer” way but more like the “I can never unsee that” way.

You’ve been warned, but this is that “Circle of Life” stuff they sang about in Lion King, so relax:

Yes, so um, THAT just happened. I BEElieve that is one of the creepiest bug videos I have seen online yet, and I believe that last pun was almost scarier than this video.



Remy Carreiro


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