What Extreme Temperatures and Environments Can Humans Survive In?

The human machine is a very complex and unique one. We are just that, after all. A machine made of flesh and blood (and organs that keep said blood pumping). But do you ever find yourself wondering what temperatures you could survive in, how deep you could swim without drowning or decompressing, how long you would last stranded in a white-hot desert, or how long you could run without literally dying?

As strange as those questions may seem, as humans we think about our own mortality and they are perfectly reasonable thoughts on what we are and aren’t capable of, but so few of us know the real answers.

Until now!

The following video shows us just what temperatures and extremes the “human machine” can survive in. Truth is, we are a lot more resilient than I thought going into the video:

So from the depths of the sea to the highest reaches of space, I would say we are pretty high-functioning machines.




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