#WelcomeBackTo1DZayn Trends; Twitter Reacts


Is he, or isn’t he? The hashtag #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn has taken Twitter over by storm, and has sparked hope in many a grieving fangirl’s heart. It has even the most neutral person wondering: this is all actually happening, or is this simply wishful thinking?

Either way, it’s churned so much drama on the Internet, we can’t help but notice and watch, both in morbid fascination, curious entertainment, and abject horror. The poor things, they didn’t see it coming. what a way to toy with millions of young people’s tender feelings!

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of this hullaballoo.

Is he really coming back? Say it’s so!

We demand answers!

I don’t think your insurance has that covered.

Some fans just couldn’t take it anymore.

Others were flabbergasted.

Twitter, you’re confusing me!

Others are tired of the whole debacle.

So many raised hands.

Who would do something so cruel?!

To whomever made this meme, shame on you.

Fans were not pleased. Not pleased at all.

The crying; it just won’t stop.

However, it does seem most of the fans have finally accepted the fact that yes, Zayn is gone, and gone for good.

It’s the final stage of grief: acceptance.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee… and the smell of No-Zayn-Malik.

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