Welcome To The Future: US Ambassador Sworn In On A Kindle

Welcome to the future: the new US Ambassador to Switzerland has been sworn in on a Kindle.

Suzi LeVine, formerly a somewhat minor Microsoft executive and Obama organizer, was sworn in as the official US Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein at the United States Embassy in London Monday June 2nd.

According to reports the Amazon Kindle used may have been a white e-paper Kindle touch, although this is not officially confirmed.

The Kindle is reported to have been showing the Constitution of the United States of America as she swore on it.

Swearing in ceremonies have traditionally involved swearing on print books, and despite it being 2014 this hasn’t changed…until now.

We may be some time away from courts embracing a Kindle but it’s about time a 200+ year old tradition was updated to the 21st century.



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