Watch This Guy Torture His Girlfriend In This Vine Supercut [Video]

comedian scares blonde girlfriend 22 times

Want to test the limits of your relationship, bored boyfriends of the world? Take a page out of this L.A.-based comedian’s book, scare the crap out of your girlfriend 22 times, and upload it all to the internet so that we may laugh at her despair.

Aristotle Georgeson’s girlfriend Adrienne Airhart reportedly “gets scared really easily.” How easily? In a series of 22 Vines, Georgeson screams bloody murder at her in otherwise mundane moments which leave us convinced that the answer to “how easily” is as he says: “Like … way too easily.”

Airhart, a stand-up comedian herself (and marijuana advocate), eventually threatened to break up with him if he didn’t stop, particularly after an incident in which he scared the bejeezus out of her so badly that she dropped a donut (her “favorite thing”) in the street.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on April 9, has had a fresh viral start this week thanks to George Takei, who shared it to his Facebook page.

“If you want to start your day with ‘I know I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it…’ this will do the trick,” Takei wrote. “She must really like him, as she hasn’t yet killed him for doing this.”

“Comedia Scares Blonde Girlfriend (22 Times)” has just over 300,000 views as of publishing time. Watch it above, and follow Aristotle and Adrienne on Twitter at the links.

Kokou Adzo

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