Want To Make A Movie With Jean-Claude Van Damme? [Video]

Jean Claude Van Damme

Calling all Jean-Claude Van Damme fans. You’ve watched all of his action-packed films and now you can star in one with him! Well, sorta. The action film star was generous enough to put together tons of green screen footage. What you do with the footage is up to you.

The green screen action is free to remix and use to create your own film. Social media users and diehard Jean-Claude Van Damme fans went crazy over the video. Some of the creations are pretty hilarious.

Uploaded by Green Screen on February 1, the video has been viewed almost 20,000 times.

It seems the aging star still has some fight left in him.

This isn’t the first time Jean-Claude Van Damme has been part of a “make your own movie” project like this. Last year, Funny or Die held a contest in which users could create videos of themselves with the star’s green screen footage. The JCVD Make My Movie Challenge was very popular among fans and film hobbyists. In fact, the first place prize went to the above video.

Pretty creative. Will you be making yourself a star?

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