Walmart Fights Break Out Because … #BlackFriday!

Walmart Fights Black Friday Deals

Walmart fights are breaking out all over the country as Black Friday shoppers search for, and argue over, the best deals. According to Twitter users, the fights were over everything from TVs and tablets to blenders and towels.

The retailer was one of several to open its doors on Thursday night, including Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Kmart, and others. While fights were seen at a few other retailers, Walmart seemed the most popular place to start a fistfight — or carry out a stabbing — to get the best deals.

Walmart did try to avoid the typical fights and mayhem that Black Friday deals bring, but it appears the company didn’t succeed, as the Twitter hashtag #WalmartFights showed. Spokesperson Brooke Bushanan told The Huffington Post that the social media coverage wasn’t “representative of what’s actually happening at 4,600 stores.” However, we can’t be so sure.

Not all coverage came from people who were also fighting for deals. Others went to Walmart just to witness the expected fights:

But other Twitter users took the best road possible and stayed away from Walmart. Instead, they chose to “witness” the fights from the comfort of their own homes.

Kmart wasn’t one to be outdone by Walmart fights on Black Friday, though there were less videos and photos of fights going on there.

So, some of you are probably wondering why people would fight at Walmart (and Kmart) over things as trivial as towels and TVs. Well, because … #BlackFriday. Why else?



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