Voting rights is Trending Today on Twitter, Here’s Why

We all know that Voting Rights should be the foundation of this country’s democracy. As it is so, the Senate should make sure that American voters get the rights they deserve, set aside their party colors, and unite towards protecting and serving Americans. But in the latest legislation drama, it seems to be a far shot for the two parties to unite and work towards a unified cause. Because of this, the hashtag #VotingRightsForThePeople is trending not only in the U.S. but also worldwide.

Just to give all of us a bit of a background, Biden and the Democrats have been working towards pushing for policy changes within the Voting Rights act in the past year. The problem – the push seems to be hitting a wall built by none other than their own. In this case, they need all 50 Senate Democrats to get a filibuster exception. However, two of their own seem to be causing an impasse and would not budge.

But people’s attention is not focused on the Republicans that voted against the passing of the bill. Instead, everyone’s so focused on Manchin and Sinema’s (both Democrats) refusal to provide a filibuster exception for the bill.

As per the internet’s usual, a lot of them are hating on both Manchin and Sinema. This is why the #VotingRightsForThePeople is trending on Twitter today. Here are some of the Tweets that will clear it up more for us:

Speak up in favor of the senate

51 votes are all we need

No more threats to democracy, huh?

The Freedom to Vote act will

We are in danger of losing our voting rights

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