Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump, World Recoils in Terror


Well isn’t this something else. Seems Vladimir Putin is Putin his lips somewhere they really shouldn’t be. On our resident president’s ass. Not sure if you pay close attention to Putin and some of his vicious and violent acts to keep power, but the simple the fact this man came out and praised Trump in A New York Times article is really setting off some red flags for Americans right now.

About Trump and American politics in general, Putin is quoted as saying:

 Donald Trump is someone he can negotiate with adding that he thinks the U.S. political system “has been eating itself up.” 

Oh. Oh. It’s the SYSTEM people, phew! and here we thought it was the guy WHO RUNS THE SYSTEM, but apparently we are wrong, via Putin, a character assassin AND literal assassin.

Now keep in mind, this is a guy who rides around with a shotgun, shirtless, on a horse, simply because he can. This is a man who is rumored to have had MANY PEOPLE KILLED in order to maintain his control over Russia, and a man who has expressed disdain for our country as well, telling us our president is good at his job. Wow, that is like Hitler complimenting your mustache.

And with all the recent rumors of Trump having some secret back-door dealings with Russia, this is another smudge on the already sloppy run of our joke of a president.

Cool, a really evil man just praised the guy who runs our country and makes our laws. That is a GREAT sign for our future.


Remy Carreiro


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