Vine Video From Space: NASA Astronaut Sends First Vine From ISS

NASA has already had a few viral stars thanks to services like YouTube and Twitter but now the agency is started to explore uncharted territory. Of course, I’m talking about Vine Videos.

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman shared the first Vine Video from the International Space Station this week. The video, which was taken from about 240 miles above earth, shows the sun as it “sets” over the earth. From Wiseman’s point of view, however, the sun never actually sets above earth.

Wiseman writes: “1st Vine from space! Single Earth orbit. Sun never sets flying parallel w/terminator line.” reports that the astronauts on the International Space Station sometimes see up to 16 sunsets a day since they are traveling around the earth at nearly 18,000 miles per hour. When the ISS is traveling along the terminator line, however, the sun never disappears behind the earth.

Wiseman is a new member of the International Space Station and he could be NASA’s next viral star. Of course, he wouldn’t be the first. Mike Massimino was the first astronaut to send a Tweet from space back in 2009. More recently, Chris Hadfield racked up more than 22 million views when he recorded a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

Kokou Adzo

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