Viadeo Acquires Pealk, Search App For Professional Social Networks


Social network for professionals Viadeo has acquired Pealk for an undisclosed sum. Pealk refers to itself as the number one head hunting app for professional social networks. Pealk is designed for individuals in recruiting or sales and allows you to easily find professionals you’re looking for.

In the summer of 2012, LinkedIn blocked API access for Pealk claiming that the web app was abusing its API access and violating LinkedIn’s API Terms of Use. Pealk was built entirely on LinkedIn which lead the company to discontinue its app.

Professional social network Viadeo plans to use the app for its own service and take advantage of its features. Such features include Easy Search, Profile Organizer, Interaction Tracker and Key Analytics.

Here’s what Pealk CEO Boris Golden had to say about the acquisition:

“We’re very proud and pleased with this buyout, which we consider to be the happy ending to an exciting adventure. It’s also the beginning of a new adventure for us, since there are plenty of applications just waiting to be invented that will give professionals more ways to unlock Viadeo’s full potential!”

Viadeo currently has 50 million members including one million new members registering and 10 million new connections made every month. To learn more about Pealk you can go here.

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