UrGiftIn Marries Social Media And The Wedding Registry


Wedding planning has gone social, and a new mobile tool from UrGiftin is bringing the wedding registry along with it to combine guests with gifts in a social media setting.

UrGiftin is a free mobile app that works, the company says, to “create a dynamic gift giving community” using Amazon’s Wish List function. While services like Pinterest and Amazon itself already had social shopping components, UrGiftin allows couples to compile a social media wedding registry — from which guests can select and purchase gifts without the hassle of looking up individual registries or even handling and wrapping presents.

Couples using UrGiftin, however, can do either — they can scan items in the store to upload it to their UrGiftin registry, and guests worldwide can select and purchase the gift.

In a release, UrGiftin’s creators explain:

Other wish list apps simply include lists of products that point to a website, creating a long and tedious purchasing process … It is 100% hassle-free. Gift givers simply click on a product they see in the UrGiftin wish list community, and buy it directly from the app. We call it ‘wish-giving’ and believe it is the future of gifting.

UrGiftin also has an option for “group gifting,” allowing friends to split the costs of larger, pricier gifts selected by the couple. Vicky Ricaurte, CEO and Founder of UrGiftin, says:

UrGiftin is the perfect solution for any couple planning a wedding and seeking to create a gift giving community to make the process of gifting easy and fun for their guests.

In addition to social wedding registries, UrGiftin can be used for baby showers and other gift-giving occasions.



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