Undercover Drake Interviews Strangers On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ [Video]

Drake performing

Started from the bottom and now you’re asking people on the street in a wig, glasses, and fake facial hair what they think about yourself (Remix).

Drake in disguise went to Hollywood Blvd and interviewed a handful of people on one of Jimmy Kimmel’s signature segments “Lie Witness News.” It was a clear promotion for his upcoming hosting performance for the ESPY Awards on July 16th. Ironically enough, Drake positioned his questions as if he hosted the ESPYs the night before and wanted the interviewees’ opinions on his performance.

Some of the ficticious and bizarre topics covered:

  • Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYs
  • (At the ESPYs) A Taylor Swift impersonation and crying because he was so happy
  • Publicly urinating in a Baby Gap
  • Airing his sex tape on the screen while he did a surprise Coachella performance

He asked one man with a guitar to improv a song dissing Drake. The first set of lyrics were “Drake, man, I think you suck!” In another interview, Drake said more than once who he actually was, “I’m Drake so what would I say to myself?” and the guy he was talking to still had no idea. The struggle was real.

Drake deserves some credit for his flawless ad-libs throughout the interviews. Definitely kept up with whatever was thrown at him. At the end, he takes off his disguise and surprises the last guy then brings him back to the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” set.

Photo Credit: NRK P3

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