Ukrainian Activists Work To Counter Misleading Russian Reports On Social Networks


As tensions stiffen between Ukraine and Russia, propaganda is starting to float to the top of social networks but Ukrainian activists are quick to shut it down. Ukrainian activists recently brought attention to images and videos published online that paint a different picture than what is being portrayed by influential social narratives.

Street protests in favor of the new government in Kiev, and violent acts initiated by civilians waving the Russian flag have been shared to show another side of the story. In one video posted on a protesters YouTube channel demonstrators protesting in the eastern city of Dnipropetrosvk can be seen singing the Ukraine’s national anthem. This comes just a day after the Russian flag was raised by ethnic Russians at the same location.

The Ukrainian activists have also shared images on Twitter of men standing in line volunteering to defend Ukraine against Russian forces. A rally is also being held in the same city to support the interim government in Odessa and Zaporizhzhya, to counter the pro-Russian demonstrations that took place the day prior.

Things are heating up as Russia issues warnings to Ukraine to surrender. Following the recent destruction witnessed in Ukraine after protestors overthrew the president, people are hoping that more violence and bloodshed will not follow.



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