Kiev’s Independence Square Before-And-After Photo Goes Viral

Kiev Independence Square Before-And-After

A before-and-after photo of Kiev’s Independence Square went viral on Wednesday amid continued clashed between police forces and protesters. The photo showed up on reddit and other social media sites. At least 26 people were reported dead and hundreds of others were injured since Tuesday. The two sides agreed to a truce late Wednesday after President Viktor Yanukovyich met with opposition political leaders.

The two sides explained that they agreed to resume negotiations toward a settlement for the unrest, which began three months ago, when the president backed out of a planned association agreement with the European Union, according to BBC. Since then, the president has alternated between trying to force the protesters out of Independence Square and offering them concessions to end the standoff.

The latest conflict broke out after protesters evacuated Kiev city hall, which they were occupying since December 1, and other public buildings in the regions. However, riot police clashed with protesters and the opposition took back control of city hall. Some 25,000 protesters remain in Independence Square.

The before-and-after photo was submitted to reddit on Wednesday and was shared across social media. Users noted that the contrast was breathtaking and sad. It isn’t clear where the photo got its beginnings, but it shows the cost of conflict in an incredible side-by-side way.

As of Wednesday night, fires were still burning in Independence Square.

[Photo Credit: reddit]

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