UK Government Twitter Claims Parody Is ‘Confusing’

Government Twitter Account Complains About Parody

A UK government Twitter account fought back against its larger parody account this week, claiming that the latter’s tweets were “confusing” to followers. The Department for Work and Pensions politely asked the “UK Job Centre Plus” to “stop RT tweets we have not written.”

The department added that the posts aren’t “satire and is confusing to customers. It also exceeds your twitter agreement.” The parody account quickly responded, saying, “Your tweets are in quotes, will add twitter convention > to indicate “more.” It then directed the other account to check the profile.

Several other Twitter users also responded, mocking the department. One tweet read, “You’re the authority on what is is not satire? Just cos you don’t like the taste don’t mean it ain’t food.” Another questioned how the government account could “take the moral high ground in anything?” Yet another suggested, “Confusion arises when satire and reality are indistinguishable.”

It doesn’t look like the government Twitter account responded back, and the parody account is still live, and has about 3,000 more followers than the real one. Given the results with parody accounts in the past, the Department for Work and Pensions social media manager may just want to stop poking the troll.



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