Arby’s Scores Pharrell Twitter Win With Grammy’s Shoutout

pharrell arby's

Legacy chain Arby’s — best known for their roast beef and curly fries — gained some unexpected Twitter relevance last night during the Grammy Awards via star Pharrell.

While Arby’s may not be on the super cutting edge of fast food, their social media manager took an awesome chance on tweeting Grammy winner Pharrell last night during the ceremony after spotting a fantastic opportunity … the star’s hat.

If you didn’t notice its resemblance to the Arby’s logo, the chain didn’t pass up the in. And for social media managers, this sort of eagle-eyed watching is how moments like this occur. In a tweet that was shared more than 75,000 times, the @Arbys account quipped:

The chain has also made good use of tangential newsy ins of late, tweeting earlier this month:

The short, sweet, and friendly quip was richly rewarded when Pharrell joked back:

In addition to an Arby’s shout out, Pharrell also was honored with the statue for Producer Of The Year.



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