Uber Ups the Ante with #UberTRANSFORMERS


Startup Uber has made a name for itself in the transportation scene, and things are just about to get bigger. As seen in a tweet from the company, it looks like they’ve scored a deal with Hollywood and are going to give their customers a prime ride. Pun intended.

As confirmed in the Uber blog, the company is offering Optimus Prime as a ride in their UberTRANSFORMERS campaign. If that doesn’t convince you to use Uber, then I don’t know what will! I mean, imagine Optimus Prime picking you up at work during rush hour. You’ll be the coolest dude in town!

The downside: UberTRANSFORMERS is only available in three select cities: Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. There are also specific dates when Optimus Prime will be available. After all, this Autobot has got the world to save and can’t be expected to ferry around ordinary people like you and me, can he?

Here are the dates and times for your reference:
June 16th | 1pm-7pm

June 19th | 1pm-7pm

Los Angeles
June 21st | 1pm-7pm

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the three – two, Dallas is over – cities, make sure you’re ready to go a-tappin’ using your Uber app.



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