WTF of the Day: Twitter’s Most Famous Shark Has Gone Missing

If they gave out Pulitzers for headlines alone, I feel like this one would garner at least a nod. I am literally about to tell you a story about a shark named Mary Lee who inexplicably has more followers on social media than any actual human being I know in real life and how she is missing and people are freaking out about it. Now keep in mind while you read this, after Jaws came out in the late 70’s PEOPLE HATED SHARKS and didn’t even go in the ocean for years after.

But not Mary lee. This shark has almost 130,000 followers, due to her biting sense of humor. That was actually terrible wordplay on my part. The shark is LITERALLY followed as she is “tagged” as they say. Thing is, no one knows where the shark is right now. Mary Lee’s missing.

I have two personal theories here:

One, she was swallowed up into the rare weather phenomenon known as a “Sharknado” and will inevitably be killed with a chainsaw in the near future by a former Beverly Hill 90210 star….

OR two, she realized social media is crap and lost interest in entertaining sloths like us so she swam close to some coral and tore that shit out so she could have some freedom.

Man, I am kinda jealous of her if it is the latter to be honest.

Swim on, Free Mary, swim on!




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