Twitter Reacts To ‘Wonder Woman’ Casting: Gal Gadot’s Boobs Aren’t Big Enough

gal gadot

A major casting decision has been made and you know what that means: It’s time for the internet to bitch. Wonder Woman fans took to Twitter today to voice their complaints about Gal Gadot landing the iconic role in the new Superman movie.

The internet’s biggest complaint? Gal Gadot’s boobs just aren’t big enough to play Wonder Woman.

Even Superman seems disappointed with the casting.

Do you think Gal Gadot has the right physique to play Wonder Woman? Are her small breasts going to ruin the next Superman film? Before we completely dismiss Gal Gadot I think we have to take a closer look at her bust size.

Gal Gadot may not have comic book-sized boobs but she’s still an extremely attractive actress. If she can add a little muscle to her physique in the next few months she could end up as the perfect Wonder Woman.

What do you think? Is Gal Gadot the right woman for this wondrous job?



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