Twitter Hack Didn’t Compromise Account Information, Third-Party App Suspended

Twitter Hacked - Not So Fast

Earlier today we reported on a Twitter Hack carried out by an Islamist hacker. At the time of the news the hacker claimed to have access to “the entire database of users on Twitter.”

Shortly after the Mauritania Attacker released his claims he published a plain text file on Zippyshare. The leaked file contains information from 15,000 accounts but lacks password information.

Following the hackers big reveal the team at Twitter claims to have investigated the situation and confirms that “no Twitter accounts were compromised” because of the hack.

On late Monday night Twitter sent an email to customers urging them to implement two-factor authentication for their accounts. In the email Twitter writes:

“With a highly visible account like yours, it’s a good idea to be extra careful. Login verification is a simple way to add more protection to your account.”

It is now believed that the hacker gained access to user account information not through Twitter but through a third-party application. Twitter has already suspended that app as part of its own investigation.

Given that the hacker didn’t post Twitter user passwords the third-party application claim seems to be a valid explanation of current events.

Users who are worried about their accounts security can access their Twitter apps and revoke access to approved apps from within their personal Twitter account settings.

Kokou Adzo

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