Twitter Gives It’s Thoughts on #GunReformNow Hashtag After Florida Shooting

As many of you are aware, there was another terrible public shooting in a Florida school with some wounded, many fatally. This, of course, has caused the trending hashtag today of #GunReformNow.

Some think the guns are the problem, some want to blame the individuals. I can see both sides of the gun reform argument, and so have chosen to represent both sides when showing you this “gun control” feedback.

I, myself, think guns do more harm than good, but I also completely understand why someone would want one to protect their family if an emergency arose, so it makes it a tough debate to choose sides on.

Here are some other’s thoughts:








So there you have it. It almost seems as many people support the idea of gun reform as they do refuse the idea of it.

The underlying reality here is, we need to do more thorough mental health checks for the people who get these guns, real talk.

It’s not just about the guns. MANY people have guns and do not do insane things with them. It is about the person wielding them, honestly.
And on the other extreme and in this writer’s opinion, machine guns and AK’s should not be able to be purchased by any Joe walking in off the street. They are very dangerous weapons and why pedestrians need Uzi’s and semi-automatic weapons seems a little insane to me.

Handguns and shotguns, okay. But if they take your AK’s, good on them. Why do you need one anyway? That is military grade weaponry, do you know something we DON’T?

Kokou Adzo

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