Twitter Commemorates History’s Most Inspiring People for Black History Month

Black History Month would not be what it is without all the incredible and amazing people behind it. People of African descent have influenced all aspects of society. Activism and the civil rights movement – these are not just the two most important concepts that need to be commemorated and celebrated for Black History Month. Black history and culture are so much more. They have influenced arts, music, dance, and more. These amazing people also made important contributions to science, medicine, and health.

African history and culture are some of the richest in the world. Once we all learn how to embrace it, we will learn how valuable African culture and history is for us all. Twitter has commemorated history’s most inspiring people for Black History Month. Here are some of them:

For all those that set the standards!

WWII Black officers and veterans

Image Source: Pixy

In theatre, arts, and Broadway

Founders of the civil rights movement

Commemorating incredible athletes

In the field of surgery and medicine

Inspiring people for Black History Month: No one else but Oprah

Black Culture and History is so much more if we only spend time learning it

Honor all our civil rights activists

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