Here’s How Big Brands Are Celebrating Black History Month

Black history month is bigger than ever especially after all that happened with the #BlackLivesMatter movement last year. There is no better time to celebrate the rich culture and history of the black community than now.

In support for Black History Month, multiple retailers have released special and limited edition goods. Here are some of them:

Apple – Apple Watch Series 6 (Unity Collection)

Apple released the Watch Series 6 or the Black Unity Collection in support of Black History Month. The company has committed to using proceeds to support six civil rights organizations.  Apple Watch just got dressed with a special edition watch face and sports band for the occasion – bright green, black, and red with a special etching on the clasp saying “truth, power, solidarity”.  This collection was developed to honor African-American culture and its symbolic design represents the community’s fight for racial equality.

Under Armor – UAxDVNLLN Collection

Under Armor has collaborated with a Baltimore-based photographer and activist, Devin Allen, for the UAxDVNLLN collection. These are limited edition products made especially for Black History Month. For this collection, they have released women’s crop tops, a graphic hoodie, the Spawn 3 Basketball shoes, the Phantom 2 Running Shoes, and more. The goal was to support the Wide Angle Youth Media which is a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization. This organization supports children and encourages them to build up their voices through arts and media.

Target – Black Beyond Measure

The big retail store, Target, also put their support in celebrating Black history month with a limited edition collection known as “Black Beyond Measure”. These products were not only created for the black community but were also created by black artists, creators, and designers. There are clothing pieces, food items, accessories, stationery, and more. There are also books, music, and movies celebrating the vibrant culture of the community.

Nike – BHM Collection

Not only did Nike release the BHM collection, but their website also has features and stories called the “Common Thread Series Films“. This features the lives of young black athletes and their training, their struggles, and their careers. The company has pledged to support 20 nonprofits that provide sports programs and career development for kids all over the US.

Gap – Limited Edition BHM Collection

What makes this collection interesting is that the collection was created by artists who are also employees of Gap. Clothing items and pieces for toddlers, teens, women, and men. Not only is the collection age inclusive, but it is also size-inclusive as well. They are offering from size XS to XXXL. All the products are available only until the end of the month.

New Balance – My Story Matters

To be released on February 15, this collection features diversity in culture and history. My Story Matters is represented by famous faces like Coco Gauff and Jaden Smith. In this collection, there are limited edition sneakers, hoodies, and other clothing pieces.

More and more brands are giving their support not only for Black History Month but also for different movements and organizations that help the community. It is evident that many of these big-named retailers are pledged to support organizations that promote education, scholarships, racial equality, and more.

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