Twitter Archive Downloading Tool Starts Rolling Out To Select Users

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Do you want to save your 2006 tweet to your computer? Perhaps you need to archive your tweets for legal or personal reasons? Thanks to a new Twitter archival tool users can now save their full spectrum of tweets to their own computers.

Recently CEO Dick Costolo promised that Twitter would unveil the new archiving tool and now it has went live for a select group of users.

Users can determine if they have access to the new archive tool by going to their web client’s settings page and then by looking for the heading “your Twitter archive.”

Once downloaded users are given access to Tweets wrapped in HTML and organized by month.

Users can only archive their own tweets which means you can’t grab a friend or enemies feed and use it against them at a later time.

It is actually surprising that this feature began to roll out before the end of 2012, last month Costolo said of Twitter’s archival progress:

“By the end of the year I’ve already promised this, so the engineers – when I promised it publicly they’re already mad at me so they can keep being mad at me. Now, again, once again, I caveat this with the engineers who are actually doing the work don’t necessarily agree that they’ll be done by the end of the year, but we’ll just keep having that argument and we’ll see where we end up year-end.”



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