Women Who Used Twitter App Watched The 2014 Oscars 39 Percent Longer

Live Oscars Telecast with Women and Twitter

The female Twitter demographic was strong for the 2014 Oscars with women using their Twitter apps more than any other televised event of 2014.

According to a study by Symphony Advanced Media, Twitter, women, and the Oscars, created a powerful dynamic that kept females engaged throughout the LIVE broadcast. According to the study, more women – 7.4 percent – used the Twitter app while watching the show than any other broadcast in 2014. Symphony notes, Women using Twitter spent, on average, 12.6 percent of their Oscar viewing time using the app.

Other big shows for 2014 have included the Grammy Awards and Scandal’s Feb. 27, 2014 telecast.

Most impressive was how the second screen appearance kept female viewers watching the show. According to Symphony, “women who used the app stayed tuned to the Oscars for 39 percent longer than those not using the app. This amounted to more than 23 minutes of extra viewing time.”

Charles Buchwalter, president and CEO of Symphony Advanced Media claims, “Using mobile apps while watching TV has become the new norm, but advertisers are yearning for details on whether this is good or bad for them … The fact that women using Twitter spent considerably more time than the average woman watching the Oscars broadcast suggests that a mobiletasking consumer may be a more media-engaged consumer.”

Social News Daily reached out to Buchwalter and he provided us with more details about his company’s finding:

“The emergence of mobile devices is transforming the media landscape in completely novel ways. In times past, TV, print, radio and even online via PCs were complementary…they were consumed at different times of the day, largely one at a time. Mobile devices have ushered in a new world of media competition where content and advertising across multiple media can be consumed simultaneously any time and any place. We believe that the media landscape changes due to the proliferation of mobile devices will significantly outstrip the online advertising growth from 1999 to the present.

What we saw from the Oscar broadcast is emblematic of how consumer behavior is changing. A knee jerk reaction could be that access to mobile devices during a TV broadcast would lessen the impact of the broadcast and the supporting advertising messages. The twitter data in our release seems to indicate the opposite. We are currently working with a number of leading publishers to delve into the linkage between concurrent media behavior and ad recall and effectiveness.”

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The emergence of second screen technology has allowed low-rated TV shows to stay on the air, while promoting others (Breaking Bad) to mega stardom after a slow start. The next step? Figuring out if men also become more engaged and stick around longer when they watch LIVE telecasts while using Twitter and other social apps.



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