Twitter And Vine Coming To A Theater Near You

Twitter and vine at the movies

Smartphones, the most common way Twitter and Vine are viewed, are seen as the bane of the movie going experience. Few things are more distracting than someone using their smartphone during a movie (except for, of course, a shooting). But Tweets and Vine videos will soon be making their way into movie theaters. Twitter and advertising company National CineMedia (NCM) have entered into an agreement to bring trending social content to pre-movie shows.

The plan is to show tweets and Vine videos from the past week relating to entertainment news, happenings and whatever else. The format hasn’t been finalized yet but when it is, both NCM and Twitter will begin talking to brands to sponsor the one minute program.

Movie goers will be able to tweet at NCM, presumably with designated hashtags that will also be used to tag Vine videos, and the company will decide what vines and tweets make it onto the big screen.

The deal also ensures that NCM will be Twitter Amplify’s exclusive cinema advertising partner for the time being. Twitter Amplify is a program that Twitter uses to connect to TV users through certain partners. Amplify is currently partners with all of the major TV networks. In 2013, approximately 710 million movie goers went to theaters with NCM advertisements.

The program is set to begin in the middle of this year.

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