Twitter Acquires Scalable Computing Technology Firm ‘Ubalo’

Ubalo Acquired By Twitter

Twitter on Thursday acquired scalable computing technology firm Ubalo.

News of the acquisition was announced by Ubalo CEO Jacob Mattingly and CTO Ian Downes via the company’s official blog.

Ubalo is a project that launched just two years ago and the company currently employs just four people.

Ubalo launched with funding help from Harrison Metal Capital. The teams main goal of late was to find a simplified way for users to run their code across large computing environments. The team says its mission was to “hide the details of the computers, environments, and messaging, so our users can worry much less about integration and scaling and instead write just the code they need for their analysis or processing.”

The team at Ubalo has first hand Twitter experience as they recently collected case study data by snatching tweets information and then clustering them based on their topics. The Ubalo team was able to collect and analyze 25,000 tweets in just 19 seconds.

While Twitter has not commented on the acquisition at this time the Ubalo team writes:

When we met the infrastructure folks at Twitter, we realized that it’s a company with brilliant people, strong momentum, exciting challenges and a promising future. We quickly became enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with them and the impact we could have there.

It’s likely that this acquisition was as much about a talent buy as it was Ubalo’s current technology.



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