Turn Facebook Red? (Or Pink? Or Black?) Not So Fast!

If you’ve seen a “turn Facebook Red” link in your feed (alternate versions include Facebook Black, Facebook Pink or Facebook Gold) be vigilant — Facebook apps will never change the appearance of your timeline or feed.

The “turn Facebook Red” app is one of a few that are not only dishonest about the capabilities the installation offers, but lures you and your friends to click it under false pretenses and with malicious intent.

Not only will you not turn Facebook red, or pink or black, you will also inadvertently spam your friends and possible bait them to also install the shady app — even without your knowledge. (Rogue apps almost always will repeatedly post to your wall on your behalf trying to snare more users.)

Sophos’ blog NakedSecurity has the scoop on Facebook Red, Facebook Pink and Facebook Black, and the intrepid investigators over at the security clearinghouse have ways and means of discovering exactly which sort of havoc a rogue app intends to visit upon your Facebook.

According to Graham Cluley, the Facebook Red, Facebook Pink and Facebook Black scams are created for the purpose of driving you and your pals to a scammer’s survey site, in the hopes a handful will take the survey and earn commissions for the app’s developers.

facebook pink

The blog quotes the following common plea for you to install the Facebook color apps:

Switch to Pink Facebook (Limited Time!)


Say goodbye to the boring blue profile and say hello to the pink profile!!

Ultimately, Facebook does not has has never allowed others to view your Facebook profile in a different color scheme, and the practice that may have contributed to the demise of MySpace is one that never made it over to Facebook — praise Jebus.

In short, unless you want to wallpaper your feed in Facebook Red clickjacking, do not click any links promising a colorful Facebook layout.



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