Trump’s Hat Gets Memed; Twitter Reacts

Trump's hat

Donald Trump recently headed on down to the border city of Laredo in Texas to say how much he “loves Latinos”, and believes there ought to be a wall built all the way down the US-Mexican border. Which Mexico will pay for, should he have his way.


Seeming to punctuate his statements Trump made the sartorial decision to wear a white baseball cap with the words “Make America Great Again” to shield himself from the punishing Texan sun.

The hat, perched on his unfortunate comb-over, however, did not shield him from the ire of Twitter users the world over.

After all that sun, he’s probably need more than burn cream for the tweets about him.

“No, don’t do it, Mr. Trump! No seriously, just don’t.”


Baseball cap =$1.40. Reactions = Priceless.

Stay classy, Trump.


I shudder to imagine the consequences.

If you had five dollars to use to buy this hat… what flavor of slushie would you get? Watermelon sounds great.

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