This Trump “Commercial” Is Too Kawaii For You


Get ready for the sugar rush you never imagined you’d actually want to experience. Sorta. Kinda.

MikeDiva of Youtube has got his video editing game on, and how. This director and visual FX artist styles himself the “maker of videos/ music/ memes and dreams”, and has thousands of followers on his Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This time he’s turned his attentions to cutify-ing the most un-cute presidentiable candidate of our time: Donald Trump.

The commercial opens with a view of a young girl lovingly perusing a framed portrait of Trump in her pastel-colored room. The photo magically winks at her, and magically turns on her TV to show him having won the prestigious position of “World President”.


She transforms into the magical girl that she is, and gets transported to a mystical cotton-candy world of Trump Trees, candy skies, and an enormous, friendly alpaca Trump. There are tanks, fighter jets, even a Mecha-Trump erecting his wall before jetting out into the stratosphere and bombing the planet Earth into smithereens.

Oh, and we’re also treated to our cute heroine running into the arms of Trump-sempai, and a montage of dance moves we’re sure altered-universe Trump would do. (maybe not this universe, or this dimension, but surely somewhere remotely far and different.)


So why this crazy idea? Perhaps the real question to ask is, why not? Mike Diva says it all in this tweet:

and Twitter user Pete Fry totally gets it with some smart and uncomfortably precise word play:

Watch the video below:

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