Trump Inappropriately Fist Pumping at the 9/11 Memorial is Now a Meme

Trump Inappropriately Fist Pumping at the 9/11 Memorial is Now a Meme

What’s the first thing you do at a 9/11 memorial service? Fist pump of course. Well, that’s what you do if you’re Donald Trump.

The 72-year-old gave the thoughtless gesture, along with an equally baffling facial expression, as he arrived in Pennsylvania for the service. The event was to honor the 3,000 victims killed in the terrorist attacks on 11th September, 2001, and it goes without saying that the action was completely out of sync with the seriousness of the occasion.

Although the US President’s bizarre behavior has become a tenet of his time in office, the nation was still shocked at his inability to be solemn for one day of the year. But if one good thing came out of the occasion, it’s the memes.

It began when artist Rob Sheridan created a convenient PNG of Trump and asked Twitter to run with it.

And as usual, Twitter delivered. Enjoy

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