Trump Holds “Made in America Party” – Serves Guests with Spoons From China

Trump Holds Made in America Party - Serves Guests with Spoons From China

This week it was announced that Ivanka Trump is shutting down her fashion line. The 36-year-old opened the business in 2014, but left the company a year ago to become her father’s Senior Advisor. Supposedly, Ivanka is closing her self-titled brand due to conflicts of interest that have arisen since Donald was elected, and the company has long been plagued by accusations that it violates ethics laws. Not to mention people weren’t impressed by the hypocrisy of the family encouraging followers to buy products “made in America,” but Ivanka’s clothing line being produced in countries such as Bangladesh, India and China.

You think this would have taught the president a lesson – If you’re going to tell citizens to buy local, you should probably do the same – but apparently not.

Trump Holds Made in America Party - Serves Guests with Spoons From China

In a showcase of American-made goods at the White House on Monday, Donald served guests a meal with spoons made in China, and the irony was not lost on people.

Matt Roberts, president of Sherrill Manufacturing, who is the last flatware maker in the US, had a stand at the event. While showing the company’s Liberty Top flatware, Rep. Claudia Tenney came over with a spoon and asked Roberts its origin, to which he replied: “It says Oneida Ltd.” A quick google revealed that the company are based in China, despite the fact that in November last year Donald promised Tenney that he would only buy USA made kitchenware for the White House. Awkward…

To make matters worse, Oneida used to make their products in the US, but now manufacture overseas.

However, Roberts told that he appreciates why the president has not yet purchased Sherrill’s flatware: “With all of the things going on in the world, forks and spoons in your kitchen are not exactly the top priority at the White House.”

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