Trump Forgets He Doesn’t Run China, Tries To Improve Their Economy

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Desperate to save jobs, Trump will get his buzz any way he can, even if he has to save jobs at a company his government hates and that’s headquartered in a foreign country. He’s a junkie; he’ll do anything to get a fix.

Trump’s apparent inability to fix the United States’ economy must have him down because now he’s trying to improve the economy of foreign nations. Can this really be much of a surprise, though? He’s always loved to get involved with countries not his own, as the ongoing Russia investigation shows.

Just recently, Trump decided that he was going to help China out a big way. He managed to get on the horn with the President of China to try and keep ZTE from shutting down. You know, the shitty Chinese cell phone maker that’s basically a front from Chinese intelligence. You know, the one that Trump’s own government has warned against using since it’s a possible pathway for intrusion by foreign governments into United States networks. You know, the one that the government has banned from working with US companies thanks to violating customs rules. Yeah, those guys. Our buddies, apparently. In the infinite wisdom of his incredible wonderous intellect, Trump decided that he would unleash the sheer might of his legendary dealmaking ability to help out a second-rate Chinese cell phone manufacturer. There definitely aren’t any companies in the US that could use his help or anything!

It does, however, raise an interesting question: What the hell does Trump think his job is? Is he under the impression that he’s supposed to help China’s economy? Hell, maybe. But it’s more likely that he’s just doing anything he can to get head pats from America’s large cast of trade allies and counterintelligence enemies.

It’s obvious to any idiot with a head injury that Trump is easier to manipulate than a lovesick high school boyfriend. Just say nice things about him, about how invaluable and important he is, about how much you care for his friendship. Then he’ll be willing to bend over backward to save the jobs of people that don’t care about him and are literally incapable of voting for him. But hey, that’s what you get when you elect someone as dumb as a toilet brush to flop around the White House like he owns the joint.



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