Trsst Hopes To Become Twitter For The Privacy-Conscious


Trsst is a new player in the social media space, and claims to be “an open and secure alternative to Twitter.”

Created by software developer Michael Powers, he is currently seeking $48,000 via Kickstarter to get it off the ground.

Where Twitter is mostly public, posts on Trsst can be truly private, encrypted with each digitally signed at the user level.

This means that keys to decrypt messages are not stored on any servers, making it virtually impossible for an outside party to see what is being said.

From the Kickstarter campaign:

Think of Trsst as an RSS reader (and writer) that works like Twitter but built for the open web. The public stuff stays public and search-indexable, and the private stuff is encrypted and secured. Only you will hold your keys, so your hosting provider can’t sell you out.

A $12 donation gets you early access to the beta, and Michael plans to have a functional beta ready before the end of 2013.

If the funding goal is reached, here is how funds will be used:

We’re reserving $15K for server/hosting costs over the next year plus, and the remainder goes to fund six person-months of development time for a three-month delivery window for the initial minimally viable product.

Since the Kickstarter launched on August 13, over $3000 has been raised with another 28 days to go.



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