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Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your photos, although we know that many people use it as a venue to tell the world what they ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Even more use it for selfies.

But there is more to Instagram than that. For those who have an intense passion for travel, Instagram is one of the best venues to show people the world. These people are lucky to have the time and money to travel all they want, but not all of us are so fortunate. There’s work, mainly, and of course finances. If, however, you find yourself with the chance of traveling while being able to work remotely, there are solutions like BlueJeans, which will make your clients/bosses happy as you can use cloud-based video collaboration service – you can get work done even on the road!

If that’s not possible, you can still travel the world – albeit vicariously – by following these travel Instagram accounts which have made an impression on travelers around the world.


Travel Instagram Accounts
Katja Presnal is her real name, and she left Finland 17 years ago – without a return ticket. At some point, she met a Texan in Germany and they have been traveling ever since. Additionally, they’ve have three kids since then – each born in a different country. Check out her travel Instagram account, and marvel at the places she’s been to.


travel Instagram accounts
The account name alone should give you an idea of how eclectic the photo collection is. Gary Arndt is the guy behind this account, and he’s been traveling since 2007, with more than 100 countries visited (yes, all continents, too). No wonder he’s been awarded the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year.

Follow Gary and see everything, everywhere on Instagram.


alexstrohl on Instagram
If you’re in love with landscapes, Alex Strohl is the person to follow in Instagram. From mountains to lakes to a cabin in the middle of a lake to tunnels…man, this account really does make one ache with the desire to see these scenes for real.

Follow Alex Strohl on Instagram.


jethromullen on Instagram
Jethro Mullen is a CNN journalist based in Hong Kong, so a lot of his photos are of stunning city sights. He does travel elsewhere, though, and you get to see snippets of other sights as well. My favorite photo?

Follow Jethro Mullen on Instagram.


travel instagram accounts
What’s this wild idea? How about a guy named Theron Humphrey, a resident of Idaho who travels the country with Maddie (his loveable coonhound). It’s hard to explain just how adorable the travel pics are with Maddie in them. You’ve got to see them for yourself, and you’ll probably want to do the same with your pet.

Follow Theron Humphrey on Instagram.


mattiastyllander on Instagram
I’ll leave you with an Instagram account that bursts with color, so much so that you can’t take your eyes of the photos. Mattias is a photographer from Sweden, and he takes all sorts of travel photos – from fields of pretty flowers to a colorful cat to a close up of an eye. There’s the occasional dull (as in lacking in color) photo, but this really is one account to cheer you up.

Follow Mattias on Instagram.

These are but a handful of people to follow on Instagram who can show you a glimpse of the world while you make your own travel plans. While you do that, why not take inspiration from these accounts and create your own travel Instagram account with photos you see in your everyday life and occasional out of town trips? You never know where that will lead.

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