Top 5 Viral Ads of 2015


With 2015 coming to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the best viral ads of the year. These ads have hit it big on social media, getting shares and likes through the roof on an overnight basis. They’ve also sent the message home, have become hot topics at watercoolers, and achieved household name status. Let’s rewind and highlight the most memorable viral ads of 2015.

Facebook — “What’s On your Mind?”

Facebook came out the winner of 2015’s viral race with an ad campaign that puts the spotlight on platform user’s own generated content. This genius move not only focuses on the fun, diverse, and creative community of the site, but also the platform’s iconic features of video shareability and likeability.

Purina Dog Chow — “Puppyhood”

Purina teams up with media mogul Buzzfeed to create one of the most adorable videos this side of dogdom. It charts the growing pains of a man and his pup as he transforms from casual, civil roomie to engaged, protective dog-dad. Plus, cute puppy hijinks! The fun doesn’t stop with this video alone, as fans can follow this man and how his pup helps him get a date with that cute girl from the local grocery store.

Samsung — “Assemble”

Smasung joined forces with the team behind Marvel’s “Avengers” Age of Ultron to promote both the movie and new lineup of phone models created to celebrate the franchise. The Avengers Initiative sends four packages to regular people — a nine-year-old boy, a cyclist, a strength athlete, a mechanic, and a surfer — and gives them instructions to rendezvous to a secret location for their first assembly. Brazilian soccer champ Leo Messi joins them with his own case, and  their first training begins.

Ad Council — “Love Has No Labels”

Recorded on Valentines’ Day, this viral campaign was the perfect step in the right direction for love and inclusion in 2015. Varied pairs of people danced, hugged, kissed, and played games behind a special screen that showed them as skeletons, much to the delight of the crowds gathered that day. Stepping out from behind the screen, these couples drove the message home — love has no gender, no race, no disability, no age, and no religion. Love is love, and that’s what 2015 is meant to be about.

Squatty Potty — “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop”

It’s official. BoingBoing called it “the most successful viral campaign of all time.” The Harmon Brothers have achieved true internet viral status with this online ad that has swept social media and brought the likes and shares to their knees. How exactly does one go about creating a witty, funny, and memorable advertisement about a stool specially made for your colon health without grossing people out? The answer is quite simple, really: put an animatronic puppeteered unicorn that poops rainbow-colored ice cream in it. The result? Sheer genius.

so, what viral ads will we get to see this coming 2016? However you slice it, whatever creative decisions you take, social media optimization is your best bet to boost sales and and brand recognition for your business.

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