TikTok integrates anti-bullying features to ‘foster compassion’ in comments


TikTok is launching new features geared to encourage users to treat others on the site with kindness and minimize bullying on the platform.

The company explained that the new tools will furnish enjoyers with “more control to shape their experience.” and that their precedence is “creating a safe and positive app environment that allows creative impression to thrive.” The first feature enables creators to choose which comments will display on their videos and is dubbed the “filter all comments” tool. The video inventor will now have the option of approving comments before they’re publicly exhibited utilizing technology that the app already instituted to filter out specific keywords and spam.

A spokesperson from TikTok verified that commentators will not get alerted if their comment is deleted or approved. “Rethink,” the second feature, is a new element that reveals when a user is set to post something that’s against TikTok’s community guidelines. When something that’s possibly unkind or offensive is shared, a pop-up asks the observer if they’d “like to reconsider posting,” and gives them the opportunity to edit. Users can hit the “post anyway” alternative if they don’t want to modify the comment.

Tara Wadhwa, the director of policy for TikTok U.S. said: “We’re focused on promoting a safe and entertaining experience where people can find joy and connection. Our goal is to be a place where creativity and community can thrive, and we hope these new features help to further foster kindness and respect on TikTok.” Dr. Sameer Hindjua, co-director of the CRC, added: “The Cyberbullying Research Center is excited to work with TikTok in the months ahead on anti-bullying initiatives. TikTok’s new Filter All Comments feature and Rethink feature are positive steps to promote kindness and we’re eager to collaborate on further ways to protect against bullying and harassment.”


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