This Woman’s Story About Being Mistakenly Called “Heather” Her Whole Life Is Truly Bizarre

This Woman's Story About Being Mistakenly Called "Heather" Her Whole Life Is Truly Bizarre

We’ve all been called the wrong name at one time or another, but this woman’s story will make you question everything you’ve ever known about your moniker.

All of her life, Twitter user @Fizzygrrl has been mistakenly referred to as Heather, despite actually being named Summer. You might be thinking “so what?,” but when you read her truly bizarre tale, you’ll see why it went viral.

From doctors, to friends, and even her husband, Summer has lost count of the unrelated number of people who have accidentally called her Heather. So much so, she even made her own #NotHeather hashtag.

Since Summer’s surname is Heacock, you may be thinking that people are just mixing up her similar sounding last name with her first, but you’d be wrong. Heacock is her married name, and the whole Heather phenomenon well predates it.

Now, this is where things get weird. As a baby Summer was adopted, and one day decided to track down her biological family. Out of curiosity, she asked the adoption agency what her pre-adoption name was, but the file was sealed.

Two weeks later, Summer receieved a Facebook message from a person asking if she was put for adoption in 1981. This led to Summer meeting her biological family, including her sister, brothers, and father.

Summer flew out to meet them, and during the visit, asked what her original name was.

You can see where this is going…

Once upon a time, Summer really was a Heather.

The world is truly a very strange place.

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