People Are Sharing Their Family Secrets Online and it is DARK

People Are Sharing Their Family Secrets Online and it is DARK

Every family has things they’d like to keep on the down-low, from hidden debts to that time your sister got caught shoplifting. Still, no matter how embarrassing the skeletons in your family’s closet, we bet they’d have a hard time topping this lot.

It all began when Twitter user Jessi asked her followers to reveal the disturbing family secrets they discovered as adults. She began the thread by sharing one of her own, which was a tale of murder and intrigue.

And her followers were surprisingly happy to oblige with their own family secrets, with responses varying from the awkward, to the odd, to the just plain sad.

 Nevertheless, one man’s wild story trumped them all

To begin with, no one could understand why his time as a boxer was such a big secret

Or why he’d leave such an illustrious career behind

Until one day, the Grandpops brother revealed all

It turns out the mob was behind his decision to quit

But boxing wasn’t Grandpops only talent

The thread’s finale was bittersweet

People in Twitter fell in love with the story

Some even suggested that it should be made into a movie

We’d certainly pay to watch it!

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