This Dude Legit Escapes Prison Like Indiana Jones, Not Even Mad At Him

Please make no mistakes, we do not encourage illegal activity or bad behavior on this site, but man, when a dude goes full Indiana Jones to escape a prison while in front of two cops and it WORKS, you cannot help but stop for a second and admire that chutzpah of that person who was clearly raised both wrong and right at the same time.

In many ways, this criminal Indiana Jones is a living contradiction. He was clearly raised with some of his moral compass askew allegedly, (for him to end up arrested, and the running from the scene doesn’t help his case, either).


He was also raised to be badass enough to run under closing doors like Indiana Jones, trapping your captors on the other side. Sorry to side with the bad guy here, but that is literally one of the coolest things mine eyes have ever witnessed. He actually did something you normally ONLY see in movies.

Such a shame those skills are being used so poorly (or, in fact, are they being used PERFECTLY, thus making him the living contradiction, to a fault?) I know, I just blew your mind faster than this guy.

I have skills, too, though I use mine FOR GOOD!


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