This Adorable Cat Loves Snuggling Peaches More Than Anything Else in the World

This Adorable Cat Loves Snuggling Peaches More Than Anything Else in the World

It’s International Cat Day, so it would be wrong for us not to have at least one post focusing on our feline friends.

Today we’re obsessing over Ozzy, a 5-year-old Siamese/Tabby mix with a puzzling for love for peaches.

Ozzy is owned by the parents of Lydia Coutre, a “journalist, feminist, and craft enthusiast” from Michigan, who gets regular fruity updates of the cat via the family group chat.

Unsurprisingly, after Ozzy’s passion for peaches went viral, people had some questions, which Lydia was more than happy to answer.

And of course, they wanted more pictures

One person even made the little peach monster into their phone background

While another made some pretty epic fan art

Others tried to come up with a reason for Ozzy’s strange obsession

Don’t worry, Ozzy’s not lonely. He and his cat-sister Darcy have their own Instagram

It wasn’t long before others were sharing their own cat’s unique fascinations

According to Lydia, it was “love at first smell” for Ozzy and peaches. She said: “My mom makes a lot of peach pie and peach jam during peach season, so there’s usually a lot around this time of year. She leaves them out to ripen on newspapers and Ozzy always finds them to sit with.

“One time she left them out to ripen in a different spot, but he still found them. There was an Ozzy-sized hole in the center of the rows of peaches.”

However, he really doesn’t like clementines

Happy International Cat Day!

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